Can a recall prevent someone from holding a company accountable?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

When a consumer pays hard-earned money for a product, they expect that it is reasonably safe and that it will function as it should, given the promises of the manufacturer. The vast majority of consumer products serve their intended purpose without putting anyone at undue risk.

However, every year, there are thousands of product recalls, some of which only occur after people get hurt or die because of defective or unreasonably dangerous conditions. Once a company knows that there is an issue with some of its products, it can cooperate with regulatory agencies to initiate a voluntary recall.

Recalls are not an instant solution

Most companies that choose to recall products do so specifically because they want to limit their liability for an issue. For example, Range Rover recently announced a voluntary recall that will affect roughly 500 late-model vehicles with production defects. These vehicles have poor welding that could lead to catastrophic consequences in the event of a crash.

Despite publicizing the recall, there could be many people driving unsafe vehicles who don’t receive timely notice about the recall and therefore continue driving instead of taking their vehicle to the dealership for repairs or a replacement vehicle. If one of those motorists were to suffer losses in a crash during the recall because they had not received notice or because the manufacturer was not able to schedule repairs or arrange replacements quickly enough, there could be some liability for the company regardless of the ongoing recall.

Dangerous products hurt people and damage property

Bad wiring in a power tool could cause a fire in a house or might lead to someone suffering an electrical injury. Baby products with detachable choking hazards could result in a tragedy. Companies need to be careful about what they release and assertive about how they handle recalls to minimize their liability.

When manufacturers fail to carefully design their products or to engage in adequate quality control, consumers may end up injured. Pursuing a product liability claim with the assistance of a legal professional can help compensate those who have been hurt by a business’s negligence and may also deter other businesses from cutting corners with their products in the future.