3 factors that play a role in many serious motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycles are popular across Hawaii for numerous reasons. Tourists may find them exhilarating and a more enjoyable option when cruising around the island than larger, enclosed vehicles. Local residents may enjoy how affordable motorcycle transportation can be and how these nimble vehicles eliminate the risk involved with some of the sharp turns and limited lane width in rural areas.

The downside to motorcycle transportation is that it comes with a noticeable risk of severe injury should a crash occur. Anyone intending to ride a motorcycle should therefore make a concerted effort to minimize personal crash risk. Identifying and avoiding the factors that play a role in a large number of motorcycle collisions could potentially save someone’s life on the next ride.

Excess speed

One of the most common ways that people increase their chances of a severe collision on a motorcycle is by traveling at faster speeds. Those traveling at higher speeds are more likely to experience a single-vehicle crash because they lose control. Additionally, high speeds mean that someone will be moving very quickly through traffic, which can make it easier for other motives to fail to notice them before completing their own maneuvers in traffic.

Alcohol and other intoxicants

The unfortunate truth about alcohol and other mind-altering substances is that they have a negative impact on someone’s ability to make the right decisions in traffic and to react quickly even if someone believes that have a tolerance for a specific substance. Therefore, those on motorcycles who have had alcohol are at increased risk of a crash. Riders are also at risk should they cross paths with others who have had too much to drink, as intoxicated motorists often fail to properly monitor their surroundings and make questionable decisions in traffic. ‘


Distracted driving has become an increasingly serious public safety concern in recent years. When it comes to the use of mobile devices, it is more likely that those in enclosed vehicles will be the cause of the crash. Still, some motorcycle riders will try to handle mobile devices or otherwise allow themselves to get distracted while on a ride. Distraction is dangerous for someone on a motorcycle because it may prevent them from maneuvering to avoid a crash or because it will lead to other motorists not noticing them in traffic.

Every ride on a motorcycle means accepting a risk of injury and death, but people can minimize their personal risk by making smarter choices. Avoiding the three factors that contribute to a large percentage of motorcycle collisions each year could potentially save someone’s life the next time that they are out for a ride.